Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dust My Broom

Today ended up being a pretty productive Sunday with no injuries despite the book of OSHA violations that happened. The trough connecting the second story to the dumpster started the day lying sort of close to the dumpster. Though extremely well built lightness was really not part of the design. So in a DeLind manner It was a few hours of Dave vs. 300lbs of plywood. I would like to say that I beat it, almost single handedly without dropping it on myself or falling out a second story window. I will take this point to dust off my sholders both proverbably and of plaster residue. I think the morning could be summed up when I was hanging out a window holding onto a rope hooked through rafters with a slip knot around one end of the trough winching the whole system up with a highly technical and professional piece of galvanized pipe. This was the point one of the neighbors walking his dog stopped by and decided whether or not I wanted it (I clearly had the situation under controll) he was going lend a hand. So with that and a lot of manly swearing it got nailed in place providing a successful shute to a 22cy dumpster. From that point about 65 bags of plaster enjoyed their makeshift slide as well as the majority of the second floor's carpet, cabinets, lath (I know that I talk about "lath" in most postings, but words really don't illustrate how prevasive and pain in the ass the stuff is so everytime it gets, torn out, burned, or thrown away I feel accomoplished)... Doug made his way out around three in the afternood and we tackeled most of the remaining rooms. It seems doable at this point to have everything out before I leave the country. With that said, today was a day of progress and I am off to have a beer get ready for the next week.

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