Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Father and son at it again!

Well today was a very fast paced day on the house. Doug came out and helped me with the plaster situation that was neglected previously. (He decided it was not as good of a floor covering as I did) Therefore most and when I say most I actually mean all 40 of the 45 gallon bags ended up being filled with wallpaper, horse hair, and of course plaster. There are many pictures to see of the event (including some almost not posed action shots) which detail the work and the 10+ types of wallpaper that have been found behind boards, new walls and of course other wallpaper. But I don't have the energy to post them tonight they should be about at some point tomorrow. Work continues and another room is taken back to studs so all in all after I guess only 8 working days its pretty good progress... I mean they say that building only takes three times as long as gutting... so I guess that means that there will be rooms that only take three days to bring back to par (sarcasm). Despite the plaster and sweat in my eyes right now it was a very productive day.

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