Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here is the weekend in recap!

The other weekend post was to waylay all my avid followers... I was really too tired to type anything of merit though. So brace yourself for here comes: the weekend in retrospect.
As mentioned previously Shawn and Hunter came to town to give me slightly more than a helping hand with gutting. Shawn and I started the day at about 9 in the morning after finishing a cup of coffee. By noon I had two car fulls of scrap wood carted to East Lansing for burning, furthermore we had the ceiling torn out as well as the walls. The excitement of the morning came when I had the brilliant idea of trying to pull the sink unit out without disconnecting the garbage disposal electrical (I thought the breaker was off in all fairness). Needless to say there was some sparking and in the end the breaker may have gone off on its own, but it takes more than a shorting circuit to stop the likes of us.
When Hunter showed up we had progressed to the last standing plaster walls on the first floor which were located in the living room. The first crowbar swing of any project is truly one to be remembered, though Hunter decided to take this to a slightly more intense level and accidentally jack his leg with it. We ended the day with cleanup, dinner, beer, and a bonfire of the torn out wood (which is the only way I have figured out how to work beer and socializing on a couch into a claim that I'm actually working on the house all night...)
So there is a real account of the weekend, everyone can stop holding their breath now. A few day break is in order now to get East Lansing cleaned and kept up with and the next round should probably start thursdayish.

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