Monday, April 25, 2011

Amber and Dave hitting the prime time

                 Gary and his crew finished up doing an amazing job on the drywall Friday afternoon.  I would highly recommend his company.  They are fast, friendly and the seams disappeared after only one coat of primer.  If you need any drywall finishing done the following is a link to his business page on facebook.
                  With the walls ready to go Amber and I spent Friday night vacuuming up every bit of dust in the house, scraping the floors and getting ready to Prime the walls.  Which is exactly what happened on Saturday morning.  We mixed up five gallons of primer and set out to get things done.  As far a the painting went it was really really fun and exciting to actually be painting at the beginning, then slightly less fun because of the monotony, then really really fun again because of all the paint fumes.  After the weekend though we ended up getting the majority of the upstairs primed and ready for paint as well as a decent portion of the downstairs.  The goal is to have everything primed and ready for paint by Wednesday, and all the paint work done by or before the end of next weekend.

Beautifully sanded drywall

Drywall is Done

Setting up to Vacuum

Primer Stirred and Ready


Prime like a number

Amber Priming  the walls 

Priming the Vault

Rolling like Rick Astley

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Long Hours

The past week has been spent putting down the cement board in the kitchen and bathrooms during the evenings, while Gary's Drywall Finishing muds and tapes during the day.  With the exception of a few leaks in the water lines (soon to be fixed) things keep progressing on schedule.  The paint was ordered this evening as well so some point soon we should have 30 or so gallons of primer and paint, color "falling snow".  This week I am hoping to get some brick work started on the basement stairs in the evenings.  Other than that it looks like painting the interior will start sometime in the the next week or so.
Taping in progress

Cement Floor for Stone Tile

Bathroom Cement Floor 
Gary's Gear and Handiwork 


Leaks Fixed and Cement down in upstairs bathroom

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finishing the drywall, time for the drywall finishers!

     The past weekend was one where everything finally came together.  The weather was great, Amber Doug and I timed the tasks correctly, and for once we accomplished more than we had set out thinking we could.
      First and foremost all the drywall is hung and the finishers should be in mid week.  That being said there was a lot of detail that went into getting to that point.  Amber worked all weekend filling the first of two dumpsters with the scrapped drywall and making sure the floors were clear of tripping hazards, while I finished framing in a closet and the archways.  Once the Dumpster was filled and the arches built we last piece of wall was put up, then we danced the drywall dance and got drinks.
     What really made the weekend though was today was as productive as yesterday.  Amber measured and cut all the corner beads while I went around and tacked them in place.  I had initially thought this would take quite a bit of time, however we had it finished in a few hours and got a chance to take back a pile of returns that had been building up the past few months.  But wait there's more.  Since the sun was out and it was still early afternoon we went room by room gathering up tools, screws, nails, trash, lumber, and anything else under foot, organized it and then moved it out of the way of the finishers (to the basement).  It is a very strange thing, but the spaces are open, all the walls are in place, and probably by the 21st we should have the painting started.  So nights and weekends with great help do move mountains.
Amber filled the dumpster without an inch to spare

An Excellent Dumpster company to rent from extremely helpful and accommodating

Entry Way Barrel arches

Closer look at the arch

Entry Closet

Building the Arch

Installing the arches

Putting up the "Last" piece of drywall (it turns out that it was actually the second to last)

Unfinished interior doors

Lonely sawhorses
Corner Beaded Drywall

More Corner Beading

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Drywall & Sheet Rock

The past few weeks have been concentrated on putting up the remainder of the drywall.  My goal this weekend was to have all the drywall finished so the corner bead could be put up in the up and coming week, but I will settle for what we did get done (Two bathrooms and the remainder of the ceilings).  Hopefully this week the remainder of the gypsum can be placed since there are only about forty or so small pieces to go.  So the past few weeks have been more or less the same as the past few months, but with the weather breaking all the gaps should fill in in the evenings after the 9-5.  Which means that the drywall finisher can get in mid april and Amber and I will have it painted by the end of the month (fingers crossed)

Upstairs bathroom cement board tub enclosure

Upstairs bathroom mold resistant drywall

Downstairs bathroom shower stall

More shower stall

Standing back looking at the peak

Ceiling of the great room finished