Sunday, April 3, 2011

Drywall & Sheet Rock

The past few weeks have been concentrated on putting up the remainder of the drywall.  My goal this weekend was to have all the drywall finished so the corner bead could be put up in the up and coming week, but I will settle for what we did get done (Two bathrooms and the remainder of the ceilings).  Hopefully this week the remainder of the gypsum can be placed since there are only about forty or so small pieces to go.  So the past few weeks have been more or less the same as the past few months, but with the weather breaking all the gaps should fill in in the evenings after the 9-5.  Which means that the drywall finisher can get in mid april and Amber and I will have it painted by the end of the month (fingers crossed)

Upstairs bathroom cement board tub enclosure

Upstairs bathroom mold resistant drywall

Downstairs bathroom shower stall

More shower stall

Standing back looking at the peak

Ceiling of the great room finished

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