Sunday, March 20, 2011

Windows, Work, & Negative Space

     Friday after work Amber and I started on what may be the last part of the house that needs to be torn out.  By eight or so in the evening all the windows were out and the frames were prepped and ready to go.  Since the old frames could be reused on the second floor it drastically reduced the amount of time needed to put in the new ones.  Doug manned the ladder and kept the windows from falling outwards while they were screwed in place from the inside.
     Once the windows were in we started putting in the roof vents.  It isn't particularly showy though it needed to be finished and the weather was perfect for it.  So the remainder of the morning was spent on the roof cutting out new vent holes, repairing areas where old ones were, and taking down the chimney stack.  At about this point Doug decided to test the water pressure in the lines, and discovered that there were a few places where the ends weren't capped.  At least it was relatively warm for the shower though.
    We ended up making a little progress on Sunday, but everyone was pretty worn out, it was cold, and at about four the hail started.  Today though is threatening to be a beautiful spring day, so I think the day off will come later this week and I will work at finishing up some exterior brick repairs tonight. 

First window out

Pulling out the old windows

Rotting trim coming out as well

Getting out the bottom window

The structure without windows

A cyclops for a house

Filling in the empty sapces

Cyclops to biclops

Remains of the old chimney stack

Only the carbon shows where the old stack was

looking out some great new windows

repairing the exterior


  1. Did there used to be a second window next to your first one out?
    Pretty bricks from the old chimney :) .
    Looks fantastic with the new windows! If you're around one of these next few weekends and want us to take a few junipers off your hands, I'd be excited to see all your hard work in person!