Monday, July 2, 2012

We Have Arrived

Finished Brick in the evening hours

Plants in the front

Plants on the side

Silver Mound near our new downspouts 

Denver Daisies 

The brick finished during the day

Potted Perennials 



For the first time in three years we can actually use our porch

The Golden Vicary will some day cover our utility vents

The Front Planted and watered
Well over the weekend we finished up all the brick siding and got a good deal of the landscaping done as well.  Amber found some excellent deals on shrubs and flowers and with the help of her parents (Dennis and Lois) transformed the otherwise terrible looking front into quite a nicely landscaped garden.  With the brick done the scaffolding got returned and we are more or less done with the place.  I say more or less because there are a few things we want to get done before the open house, and will be working on bits here and there for the next ten years, but we are ostensibly done, and it couldn't feel any better.  In fact I think that we are going to skip town for a few days over the fourth holiday and see some of the sites upper MI has to offer.  So other than the open house the big events of the renovation are done and Amber and I are looking forward to finding out what hobbies we used to/still like doing.