Monday, October 31, 2011


We have made progress the past few weeks, its just slow and not particularly photo worthy.  In fact the idea behind filling the woodwork is to not have the work be seen.  That being said it is really not fun to puddy fake wood into all the gaps of imperfect carpentry, but on the bright side it should be done at some point this week.  We have also started the process of patching the drywall dings and getting them sanded smooth.  All in all it looks like by Thanksgiving things will be almost done.  Since we really don't want the place to smell like paint and varnish for the holiday the goal is to get everything ready for a quick wipe down and a fresh paint job and leave it be.  

The table that blends into the wall

Island countertop

Island Countertop

All Lit Up


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Friday, October 14, 2011

Cleaning House

The past few weeks have been spent deep cleaning the house.  Between Amber's parent (Dennis and Lois), our good friends Shawnda and Chari, Amber, Doug and Myself, most of the dust has been removed.  It is truly getting exciting because we are two maybe three and at most four weeks out from moving in.  Even though there will be things to install and build etc. on the interior for the next ten years or so, to really get things finished we need to put in another 25 or so pieces of trim, sand some areas of installed pieces and fill the gaps.


Utility Room


Dining Room

Entry Hall


Great Room

Bedroom Hallways

Spare Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom


Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Final Push

The final push is on for the trim which means that the final push is on for the project in least the interior.  There are about twenty or so stray pieces of wood left to put in place which will probably be in this week here and there.  We have the second round of floor finishing coming in next week so we are in the process of cleaning everything and taking it up off of the floor.  The next few weeks or so should consist mainly of organizing tools and materials and starting the deep clean of the place.

Transition between plaster and brick

Original vent waiting to be installed

Second floor door finished

Removing Gaps

Removing more gaps

Ready for sanding

Freshly wired and waiting for coverplate

Final position

Washer and Dryer Electrical hookup

Dining room table

Dining room table

Last Window Finished