Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Final Push

The final push is on for the trim which means that the final push is on for the project in least the interior.  There are about twenty or so stray pieces of wood left to put in place which will probably be in this week here and there.  We have the second round of floor finishing coming in next week so we are in the process of cleaning everything and taking it up off of the floor.  The next few weeks or so should consist mainly of organizing tools and materials and starting the deep clean of the place.

Transition between plaster and brick

Original vent waiting to be installed

Second floor door finished

Removing Gaps

Removing more gaps

Ready for sanding

Freshly wired and waiting for coverplate

Final position

Washer and Dryer Electrical hookup

Dining room table

Dining room table

Last Window Finished

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  1. Way to go David! I want you to know that I covet your fridge. Btw, I think you are insane for making your kitchen counters WOOD! That's not going to work out so well, but it'll be relatively easy to fix. Best wishes on a great Thanksgiving.