Sunday, March 13, 2011

Men & Women at work

 Over the past week there have been any number of substantial changes to the project.  On paper they sound more or less like the past few posts...we put in drywall and put up walls, ceilings... etc.  Which is indeed what we did, but things are flying now and the past week has garnered a great deal of progress.  Amber has been a good sport shimming out walls and stuffing insulation into all the cracks around the windows and doors.  Doug has shown up here and there as well to help put up the ceilings in a few of the rooms.  Beyond that, a lot of wall went up in the past week and even an exterior door transformed into an interior wall.  I had a few exciting moments, like falling off a ladder for instance or having a pile of lumber fall on your hand.  Lots of fun but wouldn't recommend either for it for most people.  We keep on keeping on though and here is the proof:

Putting the last piece of ceiling up in the Dining room
Damn fine ceiling
Finished up most of the Laundry Room though we have to reroute some of the internals
Still finishing the SOB Dining room ceiling
BAM used to be the Den's Doorway now its on the way to being a Kitchen pantry
The Sheathed Ex-Den Door and also in the foreground is the pile of wood that decided to fall and take a sizable chunk out of my hand (picture post fall)
Our new bathroom faucets have arrived!

Uninterested in work Chess is living(sleeping) the dream

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