Monday, April 25, 2011

Amber and Dave hitting the prime time

                 Gary and his crew finished up doing an amazing job on the drywall Friday afternoon.  I would highly recommend his company.  They are fast, friendly and the seams disappeared after only one coat of primer.  If you need any drywall finishing done the following is a link to his business page on facebook.
                  With the walls ready to go Amber and I spent Friday night vacuuming up every bit of dust in the house, scraping the floors and getting ready to Prime the walls.  Which is exactly what happened on Saturday morning.  We mixed up five gallons of primer and set out to get things done.  As far a the painting went it was really really fun and exciting to actually be painting at the beginning, then slightly less fun because of the monotony, then really really fun again because of all the paint fumes.  After the weekend though we ended up getting the majority of the upstairs primed and ready for paint as well as a decent portion of the downstairs.  The goal is to have everything primed and ready for paint by Wednesday, and all the paint work done by or before the end of next weekend.

Beautifully sanded drywall

Drywall is Done

Setting up to Vacuum

Primer Stirred and Ready


Prime like a number

Amber Priming  the walls 

Priming the Vault

Rolling like Rick Astley


  1. this looks fantastic! can't wait to see what you are planning to do next, and i can't believe that this is the same house i saw just a short time ago.

  2. WOW!!! Amazing. That is a LOT of work (just the priming I mean, not to mention everything to date...), I bet you are both sore this week!!! Way to go, it's looking like a house you can live in. Love love loveit.