Monday, May 2, 2011

Painting is Done, Moving on to Floors and Fixtures

Between Amber Doug and myself we had the whole house painted by the end of Saturday afternoon and it looks great.  The paint covered in one coat and we ended up having a few gallons extra for any inevitable touch ups we might have.  With the painting done Amber started install the outlets and cover plates while I started wiring in light fixtures.  One of the best points of the weekend happened while Amber and I were looking around the place and realized that the trash being produced wasn't sawdust, or plaster, or chunks of drywall, but it was packaging.  Open and install kind of packaging.  The kind of packaging that indicates an end in sight.  Needless to say though we didn't stop on just plates and fixtures.  When Sunday rolled around we started to dry fit the granite tile and finished the majority of two rooms.  We have a few more pieces to cut and fit, but we should be able to get that taken care of this evening along with setting at least some of the rooms with mortar.  The new goal now is to have all the tile grouted by the end of the week.  

Stone Tile and Spacers

Amber's Paint Covered Hand

I know that there have been a lot of "white wall" type pictures lately but the distinction
of this one is finished fixtures and  Halos on the can lights

No more Gaping Hole

Outlet Covers

Switch Covers

Dry Fitting the Bathroom floors

The First Real Light of the place

Amber Setting Faceplates

Conduit Box Plate

Cutting Tile

Painted and Lit Up!

Spaced and Ready For Thinset

Laying out the Kitchen

Trying to find a straight line

The Pattern Emerges

Pieces Should be mortared some point this week

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