Monday, May 30, 2011

Vacation, Life and Fortunate events

               Though Amber and I have not posted lately we have been at work.  Well for the most part at work.  The Hiatus started with a long weekend and then turned into general life which is unpredictable.  The long weekend to visit family was amazing and took place in Orlando, (to boot the weather beat MI's).  Following up to that was the East Lansing art fair which is pretty much a holiday on its own.  Though despite it being a holiday we managed to get all the wood floors unloaded and stacked.  The curve ball and fortunate event was that Doug wasn't killed by a falling tree.  True he does have a fractured jaw..., but he walked away from underneath a 40000# tree.  That being said his studio was totaled and the family and extended family crew worked long hours scrapping and tearing down.
                 I am not sure where the pictures of the damage are, but I'm more about progress anyway so here is where the house stands now....
building the arch

keystone in place

curve in tact

spiral to match the stairs

pseudo wine cellar

the start to a great Gothic basement staircase

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  1. Gorgeous brick work! Glad to hear that Doug is Ok- it seems that you folks got hit worse than we did here by the lake.

    Can't wait to some day see the house in person- the amount of work you are doing in it is fantastic!