Sunday, April 17, 2011

Long Hours

The past week has been spent putting down the cement board in the kitchen and bathrooms during the evenings, while Gary's Drywall Finishing muds and tapes during the day.  With the exception of a few leaks in the water lines (soon to be fixed) things keep progressing on schedule.  The paint was ordered this evening as well so some point soon we should have 30 or so gallons of primer and paint, color "falling snow".  This week I am hoping to get some brick work started on the basement stairs in the evenings.  Other than that it looks like painting the interior will start sometime in the the next week or so.
Taping in progress

Cement Floor for Stone Tile

Bathroom Cement Floor 
Gary's Gear and Handiwork 


Leaks Fixed and Cement down in upstairs bathroom

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