Monday, July 6, 2009

A day of spinning wheels (sort of)

Today ended up primarily a cleanup day of shoveling lath into triple ply bags. Though I realize the importance of the "cleanup" part of tearing out walls it just seems like a lot of work for not a lot of visible results. All in all after Amber and I had thoroughly turned our face masks gray and fogged our goggles there were about 25 trash bags of plaster hauled out ready to get picked up by a truck at some point or other. Though If anyone reading this knows of a secondary use for antique plaster please let me know! It is the only material from the house that I can't figure out a way around paying someone to take it away. All in all though Amber and I made a pretty good team since its impossible to bag and shovel at the same time. Though at the end we salvaged a couple of blinds, and knocked down the backside of another wall. So it was just a visually slow day but a much needed one to clear the floors from tripping hazards and such. Also there is a slight problem that I have yet to figure out. One of the neighbor boys apparently has a way to break in when im not there and is dumb enough to leave his soda jugs from the gas station on the floor... Other than that, Its back to a week of work on the place in the evenings and try to stay on schedule.

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  1. When I come back, you should let me test your security and try to break into the house. It would be fun for me and you would learn things. Why does anyone break into a house to drink soda. Isn't that crime usually reserved for sex and illicit drugs and whatnot