Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And the walls came tumbling down...Well some of them anyway

Today started a bit early on the house, work was slow so I took a few hours off in the afternoon and got started working around three thirty in the afternoon. To my pleasant surprise Doug had come out during the day and taken a carload of rubble away. The first few hours were spent stripping plywood boards of finish nails and busting down trim, and various other pieces of scrap so they would be more manageable. During this process I seemed to have overlooked the fact that one of the boards being snapped by a kick still had some substantial nails in it and minor injury number 5 (or six I've lost count) claimed it win with a big nail in my left foot. It seems only fair though, here and there I guess the house is just getting back at me for damaging it.
The main event of the day was to get a dust mask and start tearing out the plaster and mortarboard. The pictures are to follow tomorrow since I can't upload them for some reason or another at this juncture. But long story short one of the living room walls, and two hallway walls are now simply studs. Though putting the place back together again is going to be much longer and I am no where near gutting it. To have a few pieces down to square one is a pretty good feeling at the end of the day.
Besides living like a wrecking ball today I managed to "Tom Sawyer" someone. The cabinets ripped out of the kitchen were going to cost me roughly 150-200 dollars to take to a dump plus I would have to move them. Instead a well placed craigslist ad has someone coming to pick them up and they are paying me 100 dollars to have that privilege.


  1. Regarding those cabinets, you are a tricky devil. And a handsome one, at that.

    I'm oddly excited to work with a dusk mask--I think I'll feel super official, rather than a hindrance to your house progress.

  2. Don't you just love c-list? I've been using it so much since my move to Virginia that leif and I have dubbed it C-Ellington's.

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