Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 5!

Today I started to tackle the kitchen. It went very quickly after the first few cabinets came out. The kicker though about the whole thing was inside one of the walls was a picture book from 1953 of most of the family, receipts, an old shopping list, a few books of matches, and various odds and ends. (pictures of the wall find to come soon). The weather broke and was cooler today so I ended up being able to work longer than originally planned. Most of the kitchen walls came down, the sink, counter (which by the way decided to remain one piece and very nearly killed me), and cupboards. The only real surprise, other than the antifreeze down the sink that is now fairly ingrained in my clothing, as a spot of bad electrical wiring that gave me a pretty bad jolt when taking the wall mounting screws out of it. Though all in all day five is done with no serious damage to myself or Amber. Injuries thus far include: stepped on nail, nail through the hand, electrical jolt, claw hammer hand strike and a few minor scrapes.


  1. Who puts things like that in walls. Isn't that place supposed to be reserved for unmarked bills and gold bars? P.S. Good thing I haven't helped yet, because I am sure all of those injuries would have attracted themself right to me

  2. that's cool that you found the album. what a neat surprise!

    are those metal or wood cabinets?

    sounds like you had an amazingly productive day!

  3. hmm... I'm going to go with the hammer claw to the hand as the most painful injury because you see it comeing. There's always that "oh shit" split second and in that time grows this awful anticipation of what's to come... at least for me.

    Cool beans about the books! Hope to see pics soon!

    P.S. why didn't you flip the breaker off in the room you were working in? -.^