Tuesday, June 23, 2009


After many months of contemplation, more than enough gumption and almost enough money to take this on, today was the first day of repairing Dee and Elizabeth DeLind's house on 2188 Hamilton rd.  Though I guess it is actually my house now and is in need of more work than I can reasonably understand at this point. For starters "repairing" today consisted of tearing out carpet and sub-flooring.
I subconsciously decided to purchase the property a few years ago before I had the means or the understanding of what needed to be done to it. Through a series of advantageous events regarding this (graduating college, getting a job, and of course the fact the place never sold) I found myself proud owner of an 1850's brick house in the heart of downtown on 1.3 acres of land. First and foremost I would like to thank my family (though I'm sure most of them will never read a "blog") for supporting me with the decision, cutting me deals, and helping finance. It is much appreciated and will probably keep me out of trouble for at least two years...
  On to day one. No better of a time to start a project than in 87 degree weather, especially if it involves removal of carpet, foam rubber, and subfloor. It went according to plan for the most part today though the plywood is old enough that the glue doesn't hold the pieces together so taking it out is a real pain in the ass.  What at this point appears to be a oak plank floor underneath will some day more than make up for it, after a quarter inch is ground down into it. Structurally the foundation, floors, and roof seem to be in excellent shape though thats about where it ends. I guess blogs should have purpose, so, this one is to document a young adult struggling to re-establish a house for the fourth generation.


  1. man this is a cool blog everyone should join and comment on it

  2. Wow! Go for you Dave =D I've always wanted to flip a house! If anyone can take on this project, you are one of the most capable people I know. I'm so excited to follow your project through its compleation so keep on writing! There's nothing like living vicariously through your friends :P

    <3 - Amy

  3. If you want a hand on some Saturday, just drop a line and we'll see what we can do!

    ...and long in the future, if you start to re-landscape, Mum and I are always game for taking plants!


    Keep up the awesome updates- I can't wait to see what you do with this house!

  4. I decided to scroll through the whole project thus far and loled at your comment here about staying out of trouble... Not even this I think is means enough for you completely deny yourself some shenanigans -.^