Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hard work comes in twos

Today Doug and I put in about four hours tearing out walls and ceilings. It really is amazing how much can get accomplished when neither person wants to admit to the other that they just can't work anymore... but I mean that's not really my MO and certainly not Doug's. Tonight's post is going to be short because I am covered in filth, cellulose fire retardant, and plaster its also getting close to my bedtime since apparently I decided to finally grow up. But for all the extreme fans I do have here is a bullet list of accomplishments:
1. All the lath torn out of living room
2. Most of plaster torn out of kitchen
3. Some lath torn out of kitchen
4. Ceiling torn out of kitchen
5. Ceiling torn out of hallway
6. Rubble hauled away for $165
7. Cleaned wood moved to staging area (that one sounds pretty cool I guess you get something for working in the construction field)
8. Tore out lighting systems
9. I typed up a blog about it
and to end it all apparently Checkers (for all that don't know she is my orange cat) has been anxious to add her piece to this as well so I am going to let her and be a cat guy.
thank you checkers not really sure how she managed to get an omega off of a standard keyboard but more power to ya.
The picutes of the event will follow tomorrow as usual.

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