Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And he is back like thunder, or at least October rain

Well I am back working on the project after a vacation, injury to my hand and general laziness. However, work proceeded thanks to my main contractor (Doug) who has voluntarily and graciously taken roughly two+ hours out of his day for the past three months to make sure that things didn't stall in my absence. I have decided to take a modular approach to the gutting the remainder of the house in order to keep focused on the ultimate goal. It will proceed room by room now and the next space wont be tackled until everything is cleared, clean, and torn out of the previous. Hopefully this will allow me to see measurable progress as more and more rooms become finished. Finally, There is a new milestone which falls somewhere between hopefully and maybe as far as being met. The goal is to have the whole house cleaned, gutted and prepped for reconstruction by the end of October...

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  1. Hey! Good to read that you're back in action! I can't wait to see where you get on this project and what the house looks like when you get it done.

    Mum also says that she's still happy to work with you when she can, just give her a ring!