Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Actually Building the Building

That is correct, new walls and new floors have been put into about 20% of the house. It isn't much in the long run, but it marks the first point where work being done is constructive for the first time. Since October (the last post) work had more or less continued in the same fashon of ripping things out and making plans for the new layout, so I decided that no real new posts were necessary. What used to be the kitchen is now framed in and will be a rental room/home office. The old wall dividing the house was mostly loose uprights connected to floor joists which had been sawn through at varrious places. Once the old wall was ripped out a new frame with a double header 2x10 was put into place a foot or so out from its original location. The entrance is framed and will still be more or less an entrance to the house though the stairs will no longer have the same locations. The original stairs to the basement will be used and the interior window in the entry room will become a door to the basement stairwell. The stairs to the second floor will be moved to the three seasons room and be an "L" type. There are still details to be worked for the design and layout, but in the next few weeks I will scan in scaled plans which are most representative of work being done. Work will resume next Saturday and I believe that the goal will be to reinforce the basement with framing matching the framing of walls above and jacking up some of the sagging floors.

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  1. Wow! Great to hear you're making progress!

    Rock on! :D