Monday, July 4, 2011

floored by the progress

It was a good weekend for work all in all.  I took half of friday off of work and installed the majority of floor in the sun room with Amber's help.  On saturday morning Doug showed up and spent a few hours helping by setting up rows of flooring to be installed ahead of the nailing.  While all this was going on Lynch was setting the tub and doing a great job tiling the surround with left over granite.  Sunday was a bit of a wash on the progress front, but Amber and I took somewhat of a holiday to go boating with friends in the afternoon (and had a great time).  By Monday afternoon some of the details of the flooring were finished, and it became very clear that my material estimate was a bit it looks like I will have to hit up lumber liquidators for about 150 maybe 200 sqft.  It looks like the floors will be totally installed and ready for finishing by the end of the week provided that I can successfully install all the required thresholds between the rooms.
Nailer and Mallet

Integral of a curve

Sun room floor

Aspiring plumber

First line drilled and screwed in

Organized flooring on the docket 

Sun room from above

Hand installation of the second row

Entry room installed

Flowers for my Grandmother 
Starting the dining room

Finished the last coarse of the sun room

Lynch set the tub and installed the first layer of tile

Setting up to tile the tub 
Lynch "testing" the fresh laid mortar 

The closet that took as much time as a whole room

Leveling the floor

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