Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oak's no joke

      It was a long weekend of work.  It is progressing, and keeps getting faster, but is still quite slow.  The pace kicked up though with Amber clearing off space where installation was to be and moving lumber upstairs for trimming.  So out of the big room about 5 of the 600 feet were installed slow and steady.  The bright point was our tiles arrived from Mexico (photo included) for our bathroom.  Both Amber and I are quite happy with the colors and designs.
    Speaking of design, I was lucky enough to be interviewed about my project by an architectural writer the past week.  So I will shamelessly self promote the link.

Not much to say beyond that, shorter post but lots of pictures.

Taking on the giant

Row by row 
Hot air register

The ol' big first step

Floor ready to be processed

Tools almost in action  

Where it beat me

500 out of 600 feet done

Notched living room 
Bathroom Tiles from Mexico 

What's left

Trimming to perfection

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  1. it's looking beautiful! i especially like those bathroom tiles...