Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brick Cuts and slow progress

       The past week or so has been plodding along with the main goal being to finish all the brickwork.  Most of the extensive work has been finished with the triangle hole filled in completely now and the stairwell to the basement finished with the floor repaired.  Unfortunately that fell short as there are a few last interior places that need to have either new brick put in or old brick repaired.  Hopefully that will be done either tomorrow night or by tuesday evening so we can get areas cleared out and prepped for floor installation.  If all goes to plan the floors should start going in either by the end of the week or by the latest the weekend.
    Independently Lynch has been tasked with putting in window sashes and has been doing and excellent job.  The pieces are cut very well and the caulking is extremely neat (aka there is no caulk smeared all over the brick), and should have all the windows foamed, sashed and caulked at some point here this week or early next depending on the weather.
    As far as material buying it looks like we may be in the home stretch with only a small number of expenses left (small in comparison).  Most of the things we need to make it a livable space are on site and just waiting to be installed.  So despite being behind schedule I am still optimistic about having the interior finished by the end of the summer.

Lynch Built New Window Sashes and Caulked them Beautifully

Curved floor repair

Capping the top of the curve


The bathtub holding down our red oak floor

Finished filling in the gaping hole in the brick, we should have most of it cleaned by the end of the week

My new tile saw 

Lynch putting in and caulking sashes

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