Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dog Days of July

      The past few weeks have been scorchers here in the upper midwest, but at least muscles hurt less when its over ninety.  The going has been slow, but very rewarding.  The beginning of the end has started and it looks like we should be on schedule to be in and finished with the interior in the next few months.  Its been an exhausting week for any number of reasons so instead of writing something more we posted a lot of pictures!
Stairway to Heaven From Hell
One less gaping hole

Measuring out the treads 
Finishing the bathroom entry tile


Plugging the floor like a gangster

Starting to laminate the countertop

Tread landings being laminated

The joy of clamps

Odysseus has nothing on this 

Milling trim

Still aspiring to be a plumber and installing trim

Window one casing done

Sills and casing

Mighty fine work if i do say so myself

Before and after window sill

casing the joint

Finish nailing

Level and leveler, wood glue and social glue


  1. WOW. Can't wait to see it in person again. I've been following progress on here all along, but it really just struck me this moment (I think when I saw the countertop pics) you are seriously building every inch of this house with your bare hands. holy cow. Well done David and Amber! it is looking SOOOOO pretty inside. The stairs are gorgeous. Pretty window finishing too.

  2. Holy awesome- these pictures are truly amazing. Fantastic work. You are truly creating a legacy in this house.