Saturday, April 17, 2010

Working without a lynch pin

This was the first weekend of construction I have attempted solo.  Doug is off at an art opening in Chi town and Lynch has departed on his sojourn of walking the Appalachian trail.  I didn't expect to move as quickly as the last few weeks, but still had expected to do more than ended up getting done.  It seems to be the case though that one can tell how the work will go prior to commencement.  I had planned on getting some things in place on Friday after work, however purchasing materials took about an hour or so longer than expected since apparently Home Depot decided to stock everything except effective helpful employees and the lumber that I needed.  It didn't help either (the progress or my mentality) that Michigan decided to dish out an "beautiful" misting and windy forty degree day.  I can hands down say that working by myself is ok, but not anywhere near as fulfilling as working with the man I work to emulate and a very good friend.  There were really no arguments, or shared successes, just lonely construction and indeed construction continued.  One side of the house is now equipped with window sealed and framed.  The nicest part about this is now work can continue inside without floodlights during the day or the removal of the temporary ply over openings.  Ah well, I guess after the prior progress that there were a few slow days in line to even things out.

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