Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Subflooring, well actually kind of boring

Today and yesterday have exhibited some pretty awesome weather, and for a few hours after work each day Doug and I managed to install a few windows on the second floor (shown above) and lay new sub-flooring in what used to be the three seasons room.  This was much to the dismay of the chipmunk who has decided to take up residence in the basement stairwell.  Progress continued despite the rodentine objections, and the sub floor has be successfully placed making the elevations of the old house and the addition match.  It also shows where the eventual staircase to the basement will be installed, though that is not a battle currently on the horizon.  "Well then what is the next battle..." you may find yourself asking.  I can say this much, it is one involving the fabrication of truss plates and nailing fasteners instead of soldiers.  It seems like I can manage general life and put a few hours of work in every evening during the week which seems to add up over time.  It doesn't give the same gratification as seeing extreme changes from one day to the next, but visible progress can still be seen.  So as always, Onward and Upward to another day of work!

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  1. Oh, to be young and have such loads of energy again! I'm in the 'horde your energy and work strategically whenever possible' stage of my life. I'll have to enjoy your exertions vicariously. Keep up the good work.