Thursday, April 15, 2010

I like to call it "The Ladder, Scaffolding, Ladder System"

Well There have been quite a few pictures with no explanation of progress of late and what could be better than typing up an explanation of the "Ladder, Scaffolding, Ladder, System".  Not only is it probably safe it also kind of works and will most likely hold together while I get the last 4-5 pieces of plywood facing on. Though for the past few weeks Lynch, Doug and myself have been trying to get the work requiring multiple people done before he (Lynch) went south to hike the Appalachian Trail for the summer.  So from the pictures it is evident that all in all we got the mission accomplished.  There is very little sheathing to be done and what is left can be done with one or two people.  With that said it marks almost a milestone in the project, the completion of framing should be done in the next few weeks.  All that remains for the "Framing" part of project is a few pieces of exterior plywood, a few rows of floor cross ties and a new set of 10' 2x6's under the floor on what used to be the three seasons porch.  Home Depot will have to figure out another way of getting their pound of flesh once my paycheck isn't put into lumber, but I hear that, doors, windows, plumbing, trim, flooring etc are more than willing to step up the war against my savings account.  However, when framing ends it is in deed a milestone because the permanent parts of house are done and I can hire an electrician to drill and saw through all my carefully placed columns.  Thanks to the tax credits the electrification should be covered by my uncle Sam and the house will have a safer source of electricity than a jack-knifed extension cord shoved into a 20A breaker switch.

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