Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Project to be

Now that the scissor truss design is done the evenings coming down to the weekend are going to consist of cutting the proper sizes of gusset plate out of 5/8 plywood and getting the rest of the materials rounded up.  I am especially looking forward to getting 2x6x16'  shoved in the back of my Toyota Camry.


  1. Call Mom if you need to borrow the truck- I'm sure she'd be willing to lend a hand!

  2. Bet it will be a cheery picture, driving from the lumber store with the end of the 16' sticking out the back window of the Camry. Remember to include a little red flag to wave as you go. Oh, the scissor truss is pretty, too.

  3. That’s a nice roofing frame, and I must say you did a good job with the design. What I love about the scissor truss is that it’s easier to maintain since the slopes of the design do not allow water to collect. It is also cheaper than other roof trusses. Plus, it can be customized and modified to suit your roofing needs.

    [Neil Hirsh]