Sunday, March 28, 2010


Well it saturday never seemed to get into a rhythm from the outset. I ended up getting up later than indended, then the trip to home depot for treated wood and some 2x6's killed another hour or so.  Really the "working day"  didn't get started untill around noon which is three to four hours later than a productive day starts.  The lagging trend continued throughout the day synergiseing with the weather that was less than inspiring.  The plan on the outset was to get the windows in on the ground floor porch, caulked and sealed.  In order to do that the remaining sheathing had to be put in place as well as the header boards for the window frames themselves.  This didn't seem like it was going to be an involved project and to no end of frustration took hours.  Somehow it was 4pm before we were even ready to put the wrap on the outside.  Once wrapped we were finally ready for window installation.  In the end we managed to get one installed sort of instead of the panned six entirely.  It has been foamed around the edges with "Great Stuff", but not caulked, and the trim work need to be redone and cut with an actual miter saw (yes we thought we could cut perfect 45's with a hand saw...lesson learned).  All in all though one good working day should lend itself to having all the windows put in, so next weekend onward and upward.  Hopfully then the weather will be nicer and the questionmark can be removed from Progress.

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  1. Well, at least you know what you need to do the next go around!

    I drive by there once in a while on my way back from work on Saturdays- the next time I'm not in an insane hurry, I'll have to stop by and see your project in person!