Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Loose ends, treated boards, and new walls

Today was not only the best day so far this year to be outside but I was able to take a half day off of work to clear up some loose ends from the weekend.  I was joined by Doug and Lynch about noon and the work started from there.  I do have to say it is much easier to work in 60 degree weather rather than raining 40's, as if I was the first person to have that ephifany.
Anyways, the reamaining porch wall had not rotted the same way as the other side and was still bearing quite a lot of weight.  With a single jacking post the pressure was taken off that particular side and there was a "wonderful" realization.  The three seasons room is actually not tied into the rest of the house.  Even the header boards end where the brick starts.  This is/was bad enough, but that wasn't the end of it,   appartently the colums were notched into the headers.  So while I sawed off the posts flush with the ceiling the rest of the crew started making frames for windows I found on craigslist.  (They were pretty much the best find going since they are double pane, 3'x6'3", and were only $15 apiece).  In the pictures posted from the weekend the large gaps in the column spacing will be framed in windows.  So the room will still be a sunroom, but a better insulated and supported one.
Once the colums were cut out two more boards were faced onto the overhead beams and two new colums were placed in the corners.  The space was secured on the bottom after the old untreated rotting baseboards were torn out and replaced with treated new ones.  This left more or less one thing to do, put up the temporary sheathing, pack up and go get a beer.  Happy St. Patrics Day!

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