Sunday, March 14, 2010

Here's to say a thousand words


  1. Wow. I drove by there Saturday and noticed you folks had all the windows out of the addition. I've been wondering how your work was coming along! I'm so happy to hear that the house did not fall on anyone during your latest phase of the project, and it's great to read just how much you are getting done.

    This is a huge undertaking and it is so exciting to get the chance to read about your work. Rock on.

  2. Holy cow! As I was reading the account of the weekend's project all that came to mind was romping around in that upper floor just above that room as kids--with all the jumping, bouncing etc. that involved!! And then to see those rotted out support posts...yikes. Looks great, glad it all worked out without injury or a room falling on anyone. Thanks for posting all the pictures!