Monday, November 7, 2011

Puzzle Pieces

The lion's share of the weekend was spent working on trimming around the stairs and building a hand rail.  Though it isn't quite done, having it in place entirely changes how the room looks and gives the space a sense of completion.  Interspersed with this Amber set nails and I finished up a kitchen island.  In the next few weeks here   I can hopefully get the rest of the trim in/made and we can get all the woodwork filled and sanded.  Most all the downstairs is filled (with the exception of my "workshop").  The plan is to have all the sanding done a few days out from Thanksgiving and calling in lots of friends and family to dust the place in its entirety...yet again.  In other news I apparently was accepted as a blogger for Bob Vila Nation.  It looks like the site is still under a bit of construction so to speak..., if possible load it with Chrome that seems to give the best results.  So the posts can be seen either at this address or at  If you are reading this on Bob Vila nation and would like to see all the various projects, progress, and failures.  Please feel free visit my website at or contact me

Stair Railing Countersunk and Lag Bolted

Figuring out the Puzzle Pieces 

Getting Angry at Said Puzzle Pieces 

Finally Deciding that The Base Board Up the Stairs Could Wait 

Kitchen Island 
Island Oiled and Polished

Another Picture of Trim Being Varnished

Small Prep Counter Installed

Installing the Balusters

Trimming the End for sanding

Safe At Last


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  1. Looking really great Dave! LOVE all the wood in the kitchen =D