Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cabinetry, Bathrooms, and Vanities

We are working long hours these days to get everything installed, sanded, and cleaned up before the 25th.  The deadline for installations is the 20th after that the gears shift and we are going to dust and clean until the holiday weekend.
The last week consisted of installing the half wall cabinet that will prevent people from falling over the stair ledge.  Which actually is quite a relief to have the errant electrical cord coming out of the wall properly installed and removing the possibility that someone will accidently step over a ledge in the near future.  With that out of the way the focus switched to getting the downstairs bathroom fixtures up and running to accommodate family and guests.  So in the up and coming week hopefully the remainder of the trim will be made and tacked up.
In other news I apparently was accepted as a blogger for Bob Vila Nation.  It looks like the site is still under a bit of construction so to speak..., if possible load it with Chrome that seems to give the best results.  If you are reading this on Bob Vila nation and would like to see all the various projects, progress, and failures.  Please feel free visit my website at or contact me

Starting the Cabinet 


Building the Carcass 

Sides Installed 

Putting on the Top

Installing the Front Pieces

Front Pieces Installed
Trick Cuts

Carcass Completed 

Starting to Cover up Gaps and Cracks

Adding Trim Work

Down Stairs Vanity Lights

Downstairs Vanity 

Vanity Installed and Hooked up

Downstairs Toilet Installed 

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