Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wood Icing

The past week has certainly had its ups and downs with pieces not fitting, drill bits snapping and to top it off the motor to my table saw burned out Friday night.  Needless to say it was a frustrating start to any work weekend.  I ended up at Lowes Friday evening since they are apparently the only box store around anymore that sells decent tools and contractor grade saws.  To be able to call it a "Table" saw then it really should have a table attached to it, not a 12" by 12" top that weighs 40 lbs.  The last thing I want is to have the thing flip over while ripping out a board.  I say I decided to get a porter cable saw, but really that was the only one on the floor and not "special order" so the decision was more along the lines of taking a two to three week break from working and paying freight costs or just getting the floor model.   So far it is working great and has a bit more power to it than my previous saw.
By the end of the weekend we were back into the swing of things and accomplished a decent amount of progress with Amber sanding and varnishing blanks and Lynch planing down the blanks I ripped out of our raw oak.  Despite our best efforts we were no where near what I had hoped to get done, but that has only happened once or twice since the start of things two years ago.  The current goal is to have all the windows trimmed out by the end of the weekend so base board can be installed next week.  It may be doable depending on how much we can get done during the day or evenings.  It looks like we have a little over half of the window pieces installed now.

Hanging Closet Doors

Putting in Top Trim

Stained Glass Framed and Installed

Casing Stairwell windows

Kitchen Windows Done

Looking through The glass

Top plates ready to go

Door Uprights

Entry to the Bedrooms

Working bathroom with hot water

Transition in and closet trimmed


Study window 8/9 done

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