Monday, September 19, 2011

Window work

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     It was one of the best work weekends in quite some time as far a getting trim knocked out.  Doug, Amber, Lynch and Carly took shifts sanding and varnishing various window parts.  It was dry enough too that we could get them turned around from start to install in about two hours.  So it was a combination of quick turn around times and having all the universal pieces ready to go that allowed us to get 167 pieces installed.  We fell a little short of the goal (getting all the windows done), but there are only about 40 pieces to go and most of them are made and sitting about.  If things go well this up coming week then we will have the windows finished up by Tuesday night and most of the baseboard in by the end of next weekend.
    The goal date is to have the interior done enough (I will still need winter projects) to be moved in by the end of October.  Where we are now it looks like this is fast becoming a reality.  There isn't too much raw woodworking left to do, so we will be filling and sanding cracks, gaps and countersunk nails for the first week or so of October.  After that its detailed drywall repair and lots and lots of cleanup.

Doug Varnishing the Table Top

Putting Sashes in the sun room

finishing up the stair Sills

Lock mortised into bedroom door

Bedroom door handle

Master bedroom windows finished
Plates for bedroom door

Signing the table

First layer of trim

Second layer of trim

Table drying

Still Drying

Yet another picture of varnished wood drying

Great room windows done

Third round of trim

Five pieces left to put in

Adding Top Plates to great room windows
One more piece to go

Finished product

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