Sunday, August 21, 2011

Milling about

It was a weekend of prep work.  Though as my understanding of wood working and construction increases it becomes more and more apparent that most of the time spent is actually just setting up for flashy finishes.  That being said while it wasn't raining Amber, Shawn and I spent our time ripping down rough sawn boards into nominal sized lumber.  In the end we milled out about 100' of base board ready for sanding and varnishing and about 600' of baseboard blanks (I consider the difference between a blank and the trim is whether or not it has the bullnose edge applied).  The other parts of the weekend were spent joining and clamping door casings, table tops, and counters.  No pretty photos, well except our new countertop, but important working ones none the less.

Fitting the sink for caulking 
Yet another photo of the counter

Amber Milling Base Board Blanks

The Pile of shavings wasn't there at the start of the day

6/7 of the dining room table top clamped and ready

Bullnosed baseboards ready for varnish

600' of Baseboard to be Routered

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