Monday, August 15, 2011

Appliancing the house

It took a bit of time to get started this week, mainly because the floors were so clean and new that I didn't have the heart to coat them with dust right away.  However, Through the duration of the week tools were decompressed out of the bathroom spaces and slowly migrated to working stations.  Since the majority of wood for the trim hasn't arrived yet and the weather was less than ideal for millwork the efforts were focused on completing a number of projects that had been started over the past few months.  First and foremost was the kitchen counter top which is made in a butcher block style out of stripped recycled teak.  The other tasks primarily consisted of installing appliances and making sure they ran properly.  By the end of the weekend the counter had the first of soon to be many coats of varnish and all the large appliances except the dish washer were up and running.

Shawn and I clamping down the counter

Soon to be Framed Window

Freshly Varnished doors

Putting the second set of clamps on the counter

Stove Up and Running

Installing the Washer and Dryer

Floor vents

Turning the great room into a Fab room

attempt two at clamping the counter

fully clamped and doweled 


Kitchen Counter 1 Varnished and sanded

Drying and waiting for the second coat

Sink in the right spot first try

Made from recycled teak

Fridge up and Running

washer and dryer up and running

Dryer Vent Installed apparently next to Amber's toes

Washer and dryer mechanical

Turning the sink cutout into cutting boards

Freshly oiled block drying



  1. Your house is looking so beautiful! Well done, sir.

  2. I am SO jealous of your counter-top building capabilities.

  3. Wow! Amazing progress. Hope you are really proud of yourself. Make sure you invite me to the house warming party.