Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fiberglass and fun

The past few days of working has been much more reasonable than the past month since the weather seems to have broken a bit or at least its upper thirties and fourties instead of close to zero.  Menards as it turns out convienently had a sale with rebates on high R value insulation as well and unfinished oak interior prehung doors and drywall.  Pretty much a taylored made sale for where we have progressed to.  We ended up with twenty or so sheets of 5/8" drywall for the ceiling of the great room.  The thickness had to be sized up since the trusses are spaced at two feet instead of 16".  What supprised me the most was how much of a difference an eight of an inch makes for the overall weight of the sheets.  The 4x10's come in at about 88 lbs appice.  This being said its not specifically a lot of weight, it is the geometry of the weight and holding peices in place that takes its toll as a day wears on.
The fiberglass went up fairly easy with only a few areas that needed specially cut pieces.  The truly wonderful thing about the r-38 is it seems to be slightly "crispier" than the other fiberglasses going into the house.  So not only does it shed a lot of fibers they have the ability to float just long enough to get down the back of anything being worn and plaster themselves to the general face/eye region.  90% of it is up though and I don't forsee having to install kraft faced batting over my head for a long time.

Installing R-38 Batting

Even better than down the back is when it rains in the ol eyes

Attic vents to to soffit plates
Continuing the R-38
Doug and I putting up the first sheet of ceiling drywall
The Suburban Deer Herd checking out the Project
Putting up the second sheet of ceiling drywall
After sheet four went up it seemed like a good spot to quit
Lynch hanging some hallway walls

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