Sunday, February 20, 2011

Expensive Mistakes, Progress, and Solutions

     To begin with I made the first expensive mistake that I will admit to.  Not having a lot of knowledge on how to measure windows and making the assumption that they were the same did two things.  I certainly made an ass out of me, and I have eight custom made windows that are six inches too long.  For a while I was considering cutting down the bricks, moving down the limestone blocks and rebuilding the frames.  Better sense won over after I finished being defensive to hide my mistake.  In the end I think that I will have to buy eight new windows (properly measured) and use the ones I have for the future greenhouse/sun room off the front.
     With that said it seemed to be another start to a terrible work weekend.  I was broke, I screwed up in a big way, and its cold out.  The trifecta of assurances backing a good work weekend.  As it turns out the odds were beaten.  Amber pulled through buying the needed lumber for the window frames (which isn't surprising since the list of people she hasn't come through for is in the negative).   Then Doug showed up on Saturday morning with a will to work and we put in all new replacement windows downstairs.  The best part of it is we ended up swearing less than usual at one another.  Once the windows were in I moved on to drywall and insulation.  So it was a good working weekend.   At the end of the day Doug bailed me out again.  I  couldn't have gotten all the windows in on my own, and today we had seven inches of blowing snow.  Father and son crew does it again!  
What the new windows that are properly sized look like installed

Getting into the house

The front room looks like a room again

A better example of the last photo

Aspiring to be window frames

Still working on the SOB ceiling

Brighter than your average 1870's window

Ladder games

Putting in the ceiling

I mean its been a while since the ladder platform ladder system so I decided to give OSHA another run for their money

All in all a successful weekend

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  1. I've been neglecting you for a while - what a lot of work you've gotten done! I couldn't imagine working like this on my weekends. It's coming together beautifully!