Thursday, July 1, 2010

On the table book-keeping

Not a lot has happened over the past week or so with the project other than cleaning out the remainder of all the junk in the house (old windows, scrap wood, toilets, broken doors, etc) and putting it in yet another dumpster, but at least now the whole of the interior is open and clean.
The other "event" which occured last week was the posting of a "Stop Work" notice on the front door.  Since stopping work was the last thing I wanted to do, I had the house inspected (the work done so far passed), and paid the fee for a building permit.  It was actually much easier than I had initially thought the process would be and it only took the township a day to turn arround my request for permiting.  All in all it could have turned out far worse.
With the project being back in gear and the weekend fast approaching, the mechanical installation will be the next order of buisness.  Tonight I will be walking through and marking the areas that need to be cut out for floor vents and cold air returns.  I do still need to track down a set of gloves which will protect my forearms from the sheet metal edges. 
In the end it looks like the ducting and furnace will come in at about $2500 and will have taken roughly 60 hours to install.  With that being said, and thinking about the contractors' quotes, I may have gone into the wrong profession since the rates quoted put labor at $95 per hour. 

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