Monday, June 21, 2010

Cleaning House

Weren't There Stairs There?

I mean its a hallway now but I thought there were stairs there

Must have gotten confused, I see where there stairs are

Not sure the bottom ones are serving their function though

The window had an identity crisis, and is now... a door.

The original

Sometimes the sequel is better than the original
Hopefully my new best friend (fingers crossed)

The weekend of work consisted of getting things ready for the new mechanical fixtures.  So all the old gas lines were cut back to the meter,  the new furnace was put into place on a treated wood pad, one last dumpster was ordered for the last of the plaster, lath, wood scraps, shot windows, and general debris that have accumulated.  Once the floors are cleared of everything the next move is to clean out all the plaster dust, fiberglass dust, and of course saw dust.  It will be clean, framed and ready for the ductwork and plumbing.  I am also hoping it lessens the frustration of how cluttered all the rooms have become.  As it stands now there are no pipes, duct, wires, or fixtures of any kind left in the house.  With that said there were also a few runs the the scrap yard.  For the statistics people out there the following quantities were pulled out of the place:  Insulated copper wire: 103lbs, #2 copper pipe, 95lbs, cast iron 650 lbs, yellow brass couplings 38 lbs, steel piping #140, Aluminum #26.

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