Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On With The Show

      We moved into the house over Thanksgiving on top of having both of our families and some friends coming for the holiday.  Despite having a great time with everyone who came I wouldn't recommend this level of stress for any body.  The meal and the move went off with out really any real problems though,  despite some hardships getting the bed up the stairwell.  Christmas and Hanukkah were less stressful with a few friends coming to town to visit and stay with us.  The goal was to get back in action after the new year, but it was so nice to not working on the house we decided to blend back in a few of our old hobbies (mainly brewing beer and cooking) instead of getting back to major projects.  That is not to say we haven't done anything around the house for three months, it has just been at a much slower pace, and a calmer nature.  We have more or less just been putting out fires here and there that come from new construction on old houses and making the rough edges disappear. So any given week there will be more cupboards here, or a new table there, or door knobs on the bathrooms.  Other than finishing up the detail work (hopefully we will have everything "done" by mid summer) things are going pretty well for us right now.  Amber has a great job working for the Center for Michigan and recently graduated from GVSU with a masters in public administration, and I am going back to grad school this fall at MSU to pursue a masters in business administration and was recently awarded "young engineer of the year", by MSPE.  The next projects are more dictated by the weather than anything else, we don't particularly want to do a lot of varnishing or painting when we cant have all the windows open, so instead we are planning to rough frame in some bedroom closets and some pantry storage.

Amber working at the counter

House Warming Gift from Dennis and Lois

Kitchen Island in use 

Winter snow storm 

Snow Storm

Cabin Fever 

Looking out the side window

Looking out the back window

Our back lot

Chess muppeting around

Dining table and chairs 

Entry way

Bathroom Door handles 

Chess Holding Down the furniture


All Lit up

Festive Assortment 

Chess holding down a different piece of furniture

Light shining in

Frame for upstairs closet 

Frame for upstairs closet 

Entry way

Brewing beer

Young engineer of the year


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