Sunday, January 9, 2011

Full of Hot Air

We had a major victory today with the advent of the furnace finally being turned on.  With the help of Jim W. we installed the thermostat, replaced a fuse, and fired up all 100000 BTUs.  Within two hours the interior temperature had gone from 20 to 39 which made it almost pleasant to be working there.
Lynch is still banging out the drywall and insulation room by room at an incredible pace despite having to find and make shims for all the unevenness found in the the walls and ceilings.  It is our goal to have all the insulation finished and the drywall hung by the end of January.  There are two big challenges to accomplish this still though.  The first is finding a ladder that will work on the stairwell (there is a 20' open rise) and the second is getting the nailers and batting into the area with the vaulted trusses.   Normally Doug and I would probably try to build something to half way hold the drywall up on the ceilings, but someone from work has been nice enough to lend me a drywall jack so we will need to find another thing to half ass.
For the first time since it has started a very distant end is in site.  All the tasks left have distinct names and specific ways of getting done.  Up until recently it seemed that the house always had the upper hand in our fight, but now the downhill battle has begun and soon most things (nothing is ever really done) will be finished.


  1. Wow! You have come such a long way with this project and it is so exciting to hear that you finally have the heat on- fantastic!

  2. This is really wonderful. I remember riding my bike to the ice cream parlor, going with mom to the pharmacy and with dad to the hardware, driving through the drive-up is encouraging to see you preserving a piece of the "downtown" and with it a little piece of my (very long ago) childhood. Nice job, sweetie (and your many helping hands!).