Sunday, October 17, 2010

Caught in traction

The project has seemed to hit a bit of a wall the past month or so.  Its not that there hasn't been a lot of work done, its that nothing of particular note has happened.  I am still working at locking down an electrician, and have a lot of things that have to happen but hang on all the others in order to get started.  It is pseudo catch 22 and one that is not helpful for getting things accomplished.  The one victory of late that did happen was an installation of a shower stall.  A hand built shower stall, not a prefab fiberglass job.  Anyway hopefully things will cut loose soon with electricity that can only be personified by the stolen image below:

By next week the power cords should be not only coming out of Brian Johnson's hands but the walls of my house as well.  Anyways things seem to be turning a corner but I can't pin down a specific corner being turned... so I will wait another week and then try to categorize the progress with a legit post and pictures that aren't just sweet album covers.

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