Sunday, August 8, 2010

All my ducts in a row

With the exception of one run (which should take an hour or so to install) all the duct work has been installed and the gas lines have been put into place with their valves, traps, and hangers.  It marks a pretty big victory and ends a big segment of what needed to get done before it freezes again.  Plumbing should be roughed in by the third week of August and then the electrical will be installed while Doug and I put up the stucco.  A great deal of the forward progress comes from the fact I have been fortunate enough lately to have Lynch back in town.  The endless punch list of things to do got reduced a bit more the past few days with firestops installed around the duct openings, the master bedroom floor repaired, and doors installed.  By far the best door we installed the weekend had to be the doorway to nowhere (Pictured below).  It will be primarily used as an exit for people I don't particularly like and or people I may owe money to... But with that said I plead the fifth, and here is the photo journal of a few key points:

 The original balloon construction ledger (a 1"x3") which the whole master bedroom sat on
 The floor joists were not even tacked into the uprights, just resting on the Ledger
The 2x10 Fix to the rescue
New floor bracing and joists installed

The uninstalled door to nowhere...
Lynch building the frame to support the door to nowhere
The final product
Testing its effectiveness
My super detailed plans for black pipe installation

Looks just like the plan...

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