Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend in Retrospect

     I would like to start this off by saying if the person who invented the nail gun was brilliant.  Making things go faster is very much an understatement of what that tool allowed us to accomplish.  Within two days Doug, Amber, and Myself managed to install 250 different plates, ties, and cross pieces.  The goal was to have all the trusses done by Sunday evening.  This sadly did not happen we fell short by only ten pieces, so the difference will get made up this week, and the second story room will be completely lofted.   
     Building the trusses as it turns out really isn't all that bad after about fifteen minutes the liquid nails sort of mellows everyone out and the sauna temperatures relax everyone further.  The construction would have gone much faster if we had bothered to wire up two circuits since the air compressor tripped the switch if there was any other draw of power, but it went at a pace to allow one person to rest while the other either cut out new pieces or nailed in the newly cut pieces.  Said and done I think that I took a good ten years off of the life of my knees crawling around on rafters, but the room looks amazing and the once seven foot ceilings are now arched to ten and a half feet.
     The remainder of the week will most likely consist of the mundane chore of stripping the boards pulled out of screws and nails so they can be reused in re-leveling the floors, but at least it is a low energy task that doesn't require too much thought.

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